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taiwanese band won fu are doing a quick tour of the u.s. west coast, including a halloween date in seattle. they’re a band i’ve been wanting to see live, but always seem to miss. go check them out if you get the chance. here’s one of their more girly pop numbers:


this is brilliant and frightening at the same time. via clint catalyst.

if the newer batman movies looked more like this, i’d actually be interested in seeing them.

the ghost in you the psychedelic furs version:

the robyn hitchcock version which i just discovered sometime in the last couple of months:

wuthering heights, the kate bush version:

wuthering heights, the trannyshack version:

the trannyshack version takes awhile to get going, but definately has its moments.

my sister clued me into some fun sites. first is this site called in b flat. it’s a collection of youtube videos that you play at once and all come together to form one song. very cool. my explanation may not be so great so just go take a look. the second site she sent me is a tonematrix. it’s programmed with a wave pattern that you can alter by inputing numbers or clicking on various boxes. very cool.

a nice blast from the past. renaldo and the loaf doing songs for swinging larvae:

interestingly, the video and music still seem cutting edge even some 20 years on. i guess that can also be read as showing how lame much of the music/video created today is.

as an added bonus here’s a documentary/interview on/with the band:

i love how he talks about using real words to create a sort of new language.

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