today while i was out shooting the latest BHF challenge i stopped by one of the used bookstores that stocks used english books. i was hoping they’d have a copy of lord of the flies, but alas they didn’t. still, i couldn’t leave without purchasing a few gems:

i’ve been in a bit of a sci-fi mood lately. i was pretty surprised to find this shelley winters bio here. who brought this to taiwan? sometimes i’d really like to know how some of these oddities reached these shores.


finally, last friday a very late bday/xmas package arrived in the mail. some of the presents were wrapped in very cool superfriends wrapping paper. a few highlights from the package:


  • please kill me
  • escape to witch mountain
  • persepolis


  • polaroid camera


  • the spirit of ’76
  • red dwarf series II

i’ve already read two of the books and watched the dvds. i loved the persepolis graphic novel. please kill me i enjoyed less. it was an interesting read, but man do some of those people just whine and whine. the dvds i loved. it’s been over 10 years since i’ve seen any red dwarf so i was happy to get re-acquainted with the show. and the spirit of ’76 – well, it’s hard not to love a film that includes time travel, excellent 1970s fashion, and a cast that includes david cassidy, barbara bain, moon unit zappa, and devo to name just a few. i haven’t had the chance to try out the camera yet, but it’s high on my list. happily it takes fuji peel apart film too.

of course with good things bad things must happen. the afternoon i got the package i got in my first real scooter accident. luckily, aside from myself, no one was really hurt. i twisted my wrist and skinned up my ankle and elbow. as a result i’ve been trying to lay off using the left hand a bit.

this looks like a fantastic show. it combines two of my favourite things: toys and polaroids. the book from the show is definately on my want list. for those of us who can’t afford the book or missed the show there is a flickr set for a virtual show.

another photography book to add to my wishlist. this one is of polaroids by patti smith. i haven’t found very many details about the book. but it looks to be a catalogue or related to the show she had in paris. i’ve read the book is more than just photographs including some poetry as well. while trying to find more details on the book i came across another book, this time on patti, not by her. a book of photographs by michael stipe documenting patti’s first tour in close to 20 years. interesting, but i think the land 250 is the more desirable of the two.

i really should stay away from bookstores when i’m trying to save money. when i saw this i couldn’t resist. it doesn’t have anything really new(to me) in it. it’s written in japanese – so i can’t understand most of the text. however, it does have some small pictures that appear to have been taken in the holga factory. i’m always curious about this sort of thing. in the end i bought it mainly to add to the toy camera library collection. one refreshing thing about the book is there is no mention of lomography anywhere. at least none that i can detect.

awhile back i was approached by comma press about using one of my polaroid transfers as part of the design for the cover of a book of english translations of some icelandic short stories. the book has been out for awhile now, but i finally got the book in the mail today. it’s a pretty cool feeling to see your work on the cover of a book, not to mention being able to flip it over and see your name in the credits.

the chawed rosin has a nice post of scans from an old boy scouts handbook. i love old illustrations like this. though i can’t help wanting someone to re-write the original text to something a bit more amusing.

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